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Large Air Cooler - 20 Inches For Events On Rent

Rent: 1 Day Rent

Product details


Air Cooler On Rent

1.Cooling Area: 2500 sq ft
2.Height: 140.7 cm
3.Tank Capacity: 120 L
4.Power Consumption - Cooling: 300 W
5. 3 Speed Settings
6.Type: Commercial/Industrial/Event/Functions

Who can get Air Cooler on Rent? Presently Everyone in Delhi & NCR. Yes, there are no qualifications to get a Air Cooler on rent.
If you belong to any of the below categories it is ideal to get an Air Cooler on rent rather than buy a Air Cooler online or from a local shop.

- Function at home
- Marriage and Parties
- Hospitals and Nursing Homes
- Factories and Warehouse
- Small shops/establishments
- Offices of small and medium enterprises

Benefits of Renting an Air Cooler

Save on Electricity Power : Consumption is typically reduced by 2/3rd of the refrigerated air.
Improved Productivity : Constant influx of fresh air ensures an air cooled space and prevents allergies caused by poor ventilation.
Improved Air Quality : With an increase in worker’s productivity your business is bound to flourish.
Save on Maintenance : Lower electricity cost means the cost of installation is recovered in 4-5 months.
Improved staff morale : Better working conditions at the workplace result in better staff morale. 
Save on Initial Cost : Estimated cost of installation is significantly less compared to central air conditioning.


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